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Helping Special Needs Moms Cope With Loneliness and Social Isolation During the Pandemic

The pandemic is pushing parents of autistic children to near breaking point due to the lack of consistency in schedules and the enormous number of additional responsibilities due to COVID. Many mothers report feeling lonely and isolated while charged with overwhelming homeschooling schedules and minimal human contact compared to the pre-pandemic “Grand Central Station” interactive household with regular visits from therapists, teachers, and support staff.


" I get it..the loneliness and isolation is very real, yet rarely mentioned as we, as special needs mothers tend to wear a smile while powering through day-to-day challenges. We have the strength of superheroes and rarely take “no” for an answer on behalf of our children, even during the pandemic. Social media is a challenge in itself, as it often paints a “Norman Rockwell” picture of families while we are barely surviving with our new responsibilities and rarely have time to make much needed human connection,” 


Are you an special needs mom struggling with social isolation in the pandemic?

Do you feel lonely in the second surge?

Ever have those “if people only really knew what is happening in my household these days” thoughts?

Does social media sometimes make you feel isolated and that you are living in a separate world like no one could ever imagine during COVID19?





"felt like I was reading a book about myself"

"100%...this is really what autism looks like now, no exaggeration. Very well written and had me wanting to read more."

"..a page-turner that proves as inspirational as it is witty. Melanie bravely shares her unique perspective as a mother raising three children with autism spectrum disorder during the coronavirus pandemic and the many every day challenges that come with it. From her own struggles with alcoholism to the difficulties in maintaining work/family balance amid the chaos, this book is second to none. I simply could not put this book down!"

"..as a mom with a daughter on the spectrum, it’s hard to imagine having three! Her tremendous bravery, advocacy and vulnerability is something to be celebrated! Anyone who has a curiosity about autism should read this book and pay it forward with tolerance, awareness and empathy."

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