In addition to Leaning On Mom, Melanie is the co-author of two eBooks including 'Landing an Internship Boot Camp', an eBook that assists college student in landing an internship, and 'On Her Way Back', an eBook that helps women wanting to make a return to the workplace.

On Her Way Back



On Her Way Back is a self-help eBook and eWorkbook to support “Returners” – women who are journeying back to the workforce after an extended leave of absence. The book is a collaborative effort from the woman-owned and -staffed executive recruiting agency, Right Executive Search.  Returners get the best of both worlds in this book, which is chock-full of information on how, in one’s 40s and 50s, to conduct a strategic, successful job search and renew a career in midlife.

​This book provides guidance to Returners on how to:

  • Learn more about what you’re qualified to do after an extended leave. Identify your transferable skills achieved while on leave and streamline your search within targeted job titles, industries, and employers.

  • Wordsmith and design attention-grabbing, keyword-packed career documents such as your resume, cover letter, and thank-you notes.

  • Utilize today’s social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, during your job search.

  • Organize your job search so that every minute is used effectively.

  • Prepare for the interview.  Today’s interviews are not like they were 10, or even 5 years ago.  Learn how to anticipate and answer questions used in today’s interview strategies.

  • Empower yourself!  Women in the 40s to 60s age range can and quite frequently DO obtain successful “outside” careers after being the “in home” CEO for many years.

  • This book gives a competitive edge with advice from women who are Executive Recruiters, who scour resumes and credentials, and are usually sitting at the employer’s side of the interview table.


Landing an Internship Bootcamp eBook & Workbook

landing an internship boot camp cover.PN

Landing an Internship Boot Camp is a collaborative effort from the professional recruiters and career coaches at Right Executive Search. We understand how frustrating it is for college students to search for an internship with limited success. In this guide, internship seekers can benefit from our years of experience working in the job market. We’ll help you to start and successfully manage a strategic, effective internship search by giving you an “insider perspective” on what hiring managers are looking for and how to stand out.


Landing an Internship Boot Camp provides college students an edge above the competition by teaching:


1. How the job market and recruiting process work today.

2. Templates for job search collateral documents that are essential for a productive and successful internship search. (e.g., resumé, cover letter, thank-you notes, etc.).  

3. How to manage a search faster and more efficiently. 

4. eWorkbook to organize your internship search and keep everything you need in one place.

Right Executive Search works with college students in a full range of career-coaching services, but realize not everyone can bear the expense of personalized services. For this reason, we’re sharing our knowledge about basic internship search readiness and structure in a low-cost, effective way that will benefit most candidates. 


The Landing an Internship Boot Camp package includes the eBook and an eWorkbook. Together, they lay out all the essentials, step by step, for a successful internship search: editable templates for resumé and LinkedIn® profile, defining your career direction, identifying and reaching out to your network, conducting more effective online searches, tracking your applications, and more.