Leaning On Mom: Letters to Roberta, How a Mom of Three with Autism Found Strength During the Pandemic provides a raw and humorous window into the world of Melanie Donus.  In this collection of letters to her own mother, Roberta, Melanie shares what day-to-day life was like for her and her family during the first four months of the coronavirus pandemic.


The scenes in Leaning on Mom move quickly and reveal the endless questions, epic meltdowns, musical zoom calls, behavior challenges, and heart-wrenching moments that show Donus’ boys regressing before her eyes. Her journey through the decision process and arrangements for one of her boys to relocate to an out-of-state residential school is particularly moving.


Leaning on Mom is however not all doom and gloom. Donus describes her challenges to unfriend “Donna”—code for chardonnay—and includes stories of miracles, heroes, and unexpected acts of kindness.


These unsugarcoated scenes from the real life of a resilient and resourceful mom as she navigates unprecedented challenges will educate readers about autism spectrum disorder and inspire them to find their own inner strength. This snapshot in time is one for the history books. 

Leaning On Mom: Letters to Roberta | eBook